Welcome to ”diskrimineringslagen.se”.

You can contact us as experts on Swedish anti-discrimination legislation, labor law and the Swedish system for collective bargaining. Our publications focus mainly on issues related to anti-discrimination law. In May 2015 we finalized the second edition of a comprehensive commentary to the Swedish anti-discrimination act. The title is Diskrimineringslagen, en kommentar. Under the heading böcker you find other books and links for on-line purchase. The heading arkiv sums up a selection of articles and reports. Some of them are in English.

In 2013 we arranged a Nordic conference on anti-discrimination law. You find materials from the conference here.
Susanne Fransson

Lawyer, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work at Gothenburg University. Many years practice as legal adviser to the human resources department at Gothenburg University. 2005-2008 member of the Swedish Equal Opportunities Commission. Gives expert evidence in relation to discrimination court cases.

Teaching and responsibility for legal issues courses at Gothenburg University. Courses include: contract law, labor law, anti-discrimination law, equal pay issues and social law.

Research interests/ completed and ongoing projects
Anti-discrimination legislation, equal pay, women´s industrial action, freedom of expression and influence for employees (whistleblowing). Changes in the Swedish educational system from a legal perspective (on-going since 2013).
Eberhard Stüber

Lawyer, LLM, From 2018 senior researcher at the Swedish Gender Equality Agency. Since 2007 consultant in labor law, anti-discrimination law and equal pay issues. Between 1999-2007 research officer at the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman. Many years experience as commissioner of trust in trade unions and as professional motor mechanic.

January 2008 to present. Part-time faculty positions (between July 2014 - January 2018 full-time) at the Faculty for Social Science at Gothenburg University teaching legal issues courses. Courses include: contract law, consumer law, landlord-tenant law, labor law, the Official Secrets Act. In addition, teaching at the University of Stockholm regarding anti-discrimination law and equal pay.

Research interests
Anti-discrimination legislation, equal pay, reconciliation of work and parental responsibilities, freedom of expression and influence for employees (whistleblowing).